Akdeniz Seramik Dekorasyon Tasarim Tekstil Ith. Ihr. ve Turz. Sti. was established by Gokden ALPMAN MATTHEWS and Baris ALPMAN under the name of STUDIO MEDITERRANEAN in 2005 in İstanbul. Our studio produces its own original handmade clay designs on different dimensions and types by combining art and craft. All of our works are handmade.


STUDIO MEDITERRANEAN is certainly a ceramic studio but offers much more as a custom design studio. Instead of designing and producing our own specific products, we incorporate the design ideas of our customers in order to deliver very special, unique products. We work as a team with many museums and cultural establishments.


STUDIO MEDITERRANEAN can design, produce and implement wall decorations based on location, style and size.


Our tenet is to add our contemporary aspect beside our traditional structure and familiarize our rich heritage successfully in domestic and in overseas.


*All rights are reserved to Studio Mediterranean and cannot be reproduced,copied and manufactured without Studio Mediterranean's permission.